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No life on other worlds, and we have these little MACHINES called blood cells running around inside our bodies.

We are totally oblivious to them, yet they exist, we have proof of them, and we ignore their existence until a crisis strikes...

Entire worlds exist inside our bodies, performing their functions, orbiting the confines of FLESH, living, recreating, dying, dying....

Life. Life. Life. That we exert NO control over. The life inside our bodies can be said to exist completely oblivious to our existence, it just does what it does....

The solar system is exactly the same, folks. TRILLIONS of beings, going what they do, completely independent of anything that we, here on Earth, might do to them...

We mean as much to them as new Indian tribe discovered in the Rain Forests of South America might mean to YOU...

To THEM, all of them, LIFE on other planets is an established fact. They seem to have no fear of it, evidenced by their journeys through our skies. They obviously accept with GRACE that we are down here.

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