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There's this newly discovered TEMPLE, see? It is in Guatemala and everything about it screams ALIEN, but that is not the interesting thing.

There's this CALENDAR, see? It totally contradicts the old Mayan Doomsday Myth. The newly discovered calendar extends THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of years beyond Dec 21, 2012.....

Now: Is this a MAN? Even one of those weird elongated-headed Mayan/Aztec jokers that we have all seen before?

NOTICE: the heavy-lidded REPTILIAN eyes, the heavy BROW, the LONG cranium, the lizard lips.....

This is no fantasy or drug-addled dream god. It is a SKETCH of someone REAL, folks.....

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  • Technothanks#

    Technothanks September 4, 2012 5:52:47 AM CEST

    There is a novel by Robert Heinlein where the aliens that come to Earth are so devilish in appearance that they take generations to reveal their true appearance.....

    I think the book is called "Childhood's End".....Not the greatest book ever, but quite entertaining....

  • Spikey#

    Spikey September 3, 2012 1:19:47 AM CEST

    Did you not notice the two short horns either side of its head?

    Look carefully...there are two, symmetrical horn-like growths depicted on either side of the head, near the top.

    Origin of a horned devil myth perhaps?

    If one of the visiting ET species looked like this, and they were not exactly the friendliest bunch of beings around, this could well have been the origin of myth and folklore of demons and devils?

    Either way, the horns are there.

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