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The old west is alive and well on Mars....This looks, swear to God, like a scene out of a C.L. Moore novel called "SHAMBLEAU"....

The star of the novel is a sort of Space Cowboy named NORTHWEST SMITH. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg appropriated the character and re-named him INDIANA JONES. In FACT, the TRUE writer of the only good Star Wars movie was C.L. Moore. The film is called "The Empire Strikes Back". She had the bad luck to pass away before the film was completed, I believe, so Lucas just kindly took her name off the script and replaced it with his own.

Just think about it. Lucas knew enough to hire her because of her excellent novels and short stories, and, I'll BET, also to kind of re-pay her for stealing Indiana Jones/Northwest Smith......You see, SMITH also roamed the galaxy/deserts/jungles looking for rare archaeological treasures......

Even the Grand Master himself, Robert Heinlein, had admitted to appropriating some of her ideas.....

I'll make you another BET. Read "SHAMBLEAU" and just see if you EVER forget the ending.


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