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Status Mines Export Minerals Private Limited

Status Mines Export Minerals Private Limited


This is to inform you that Mr. Muhammed Abubacker shaikh has put Unscrupulous information about his company "Status Mines Export Minerals Private
Limited" on many free trading websites.

He has put no of employees as 100 to 500 and turn over as 40 to 100 crores.

His company status is "Dormant", one can check status at URL given below. The status "Dormant" means that company has not been filing their returns.

The company was incorporated in 2005 and not in 2002 as mentioned by them.
They have not done any decent business with anybody and they cannot give you any solid reference. ?

They also mention that against L/C they can provide 2% performance bank guarantee.

The LC for the minimum shipping order of 45000 MT would be around (140 USD * 45000) = 6.3 Million USD, and 2% of that would be 126000 UDS( INR 70,000,00 aprx).

They are not in position to maintain even their minimum balance in their current accounts, how they can arrange PBG of 2% against L/C.

The purpose is to get L/C from the international buyers from Singapore, China and Australia, as they cannot check credentials of their company.

After getting L/C they immediately try to get loan against L/C just by showing first few pages of L/C, the purpose is to hide the PGB clause.

Till now they have not fulfilled any orders/commitments and in turn also wasted the time of international buyers and spoiled their credentials as well.

The company has two directors, father and a son

1.Abubakar Shaikh
2. Fazal Abubakar Shaikh alias Fazal Aboobaker Shaikh.

They use fake names of international entities like Philip Wong (Hong Kong) etc. in their communications to impress the prospective clients and ask for advance.

They owned a company called Fouzak/Fauzak Machine tools, which was closed down (liquidated) officially in 2007

Please check details at ?

The directors of "Status Mines Export Minerals Private Limited" are also willful defaulter of Central Bank of India, Nashik branch. The amount due to him as on June 2011 was 35 lacs.
This is verified information from CIBIL and also confirmed from DRT Pune. The information can be verified on URL below.

If you get error on above link then copy and paste above URL in address bar.

He has cheated several individuals by taking advances and personal loans.

Mr. Muhammed Abubacker is 70 years plus , use due diligence before giving any advances/loan.

Every time he cheats somebody, he would change his address. They live with minimum stuff on rent.

Some of the email Id's used by them are listed below. (fake name used Akbarali Sayed) (used by their fake overseas director Rajnikant Zamindar)

He also moves around with fake documents of "Dee Lee Diamond" Mine on his laptop, the fake organization chart shows him has MD and Finance director in Dee Lee Diamond company.
No such company exist.

They are out to cheat you. Beware of these Thugs .

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