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Joseph Ratzinger Nazi Third Reich

Joseph Ratzinger Nazi Third Reich


Joseph Ratzinger was six years old when Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. Joseph Ratzinger joined the Hitler Youth at the age of 14 and served in a German Army anti-aircraft unit to shoot down American planes during World War Two, then on April 16, 1945 he turned 18 and joined the Nazi Third Reich. January 26, 1943, anti-aircraft batteries were officially manned solely by Hitler Youth like Joseph Ratzinger.
Joseph Ratzinger joined the anti-aircraft unit to defend a BMW factory (the Munich-Allach BMW Dachau subcamp) that manufactured german war airplane engines to fight against American Aircrafts. The factory made use of slave labor from the Dachau concentration camp. The BMW factory was a subcamp of the Dachau Concentration Camp, where Joseph Ratzinger watched thousands of men worked to death as he guarded this Dachau concentration subcamp against American planes. Most of the slave labor were homosexuals, and this is where he formed his hatred of homosexuals as he watch them worked to death.

Joseph Ratzinger was then sent to Hungary where he lay tank traps to kill Americans and it's Russian allies and where he again witnessed Jews being sent to death camps.

BMW, Munich-Allach prisoners used 12,000 - air plane motor production

Use of Prisoners for the Aircraft Industry. 1,200 (Maximum used at a time in the production)
Camp & Plant 15
Number of Prisoners Planned
Number of Prisoners used 12,000
Man-Hrs 3,000
January Production Auschwitz: 25

700 worked at a time at the BMW Munich-Allach Dachau subcamp, the 12,000 others died while Joseph Ratzinger guarded this Dachau concentration subcamp. At the end of the war Joseph Ratzinger cowardly took off his Nazi Third Reich uniform and hid in a house to escape American soldiers, to keep from being killed.
Joseph Ratzinger nothing he said matches logic, facts nor the chronology of the war.
Now you know the truth.

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