GIANT buildings atop Ganymede

GIANT buildings atop Ganymede

Admit it to yourselves...there are other beings yet alive in this solar system.

Whether you have ever believed in aliens EVER, you have to admit that they are ALIVE atop GANYMEDE, a Galilean Moon that competes with Io, Europa and Callisto for dominance in the skies over Jupiter...

Ganymede is a Green and Blue world that would look almost exactly like Earth, if not for the huge SWIRLS that cover a great deal of the surface. Just know THIS about Ganymede: There are buildings on the surface that are easily seen from space, buildings that are as large as some of the patches of LIGHT that are EVERYWHERE. Those lights are CITIES.

So, there are BUILDINGS on Ganymede that are as large as cities. You see one here.

Ganymede, in Greek Mythology, was the male lover of ZEUS/Jupiter. Ganymede was the son of a King. The King had a beautiful wife. Zeus was on the prod, looking to score with the little woman, but spied the handsome son first, had to have him, against the advice of Apollo and many of the other Gods, who ALL feared the wrath of Hera. Despite all, Zeus swooped down upon the kid in the form of an EAGLE, carried him off to Olympus, and covered by making frightened Ganymede his Cupbearer.

Hey, you ever wondered WHY someone would spend MILLIONS of dollars and their ENTIRE adult lives working to prove tales from the BIBLE, like Noah's Ark, Manna from Heaven, Fish and Loaves and Magic Wine, the Parting of the Red Sea, spiked hands on The Cross, etc., but not one red cent, really, on checking out the truth of the tales of MYTHOLOGY?

The shocking truth is that the way the solar system works, how everything ORBITS and behaves, correspond EXACTLY to their mythological counterparts...Somehow the wise men of the past knew just how planets and moons that were INVISIBLE to them appeared and revolved around each other AND the solar system....

Someone had to have TOLD them, in the form of STORIES. Someone taught them how everything functions in the form of unforgettable tales.

Someone not from Earth.....

Anyway, people live on Ganymede and all the Jovian/Galilean worlds, by Jove!

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