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A BETTER LOOK...TSIOLKOVSKIIY.....Russians spied it first, named it after a schoolteacher/scientist, and have stayed AWAY from it for nigh on 50 year....

WHY? It would seem to me to be an INCREDIBLE site to research. Russia and America should be tearing each others' clothes off to get to it first, to make the historic important discoveries....So easy to get to, especially with today's rocket tech...SO WELL LIT. So HUGE. Even if it was just a damn MOUNTAIN, it would be worthy of study.

But NASA and RSA say "Oh, no, not worthy of interest. Just a simple hill on the far side, let's go check out VESTA, instead...Let's go to MARS...."

Let's waste BILLIONS and travel several MILLIONS of miles away and take photos of NOTHING, instead....

What has NASA ever found on Mars? According to them, absolutely NOTHING, folks! So, why is it still a worthy goal?

No matter what we may all believe, the average man on the street don't give three shits about MARS....

Russia ain't ever really been to Mars, not to the surface, every mission a DISASTER, the latest the most embarrassing of all...America has never been to VENUS, though Russia has been, on a few occasions...

Why no competition? Where is the rest of the civilized world? This is the first time in history that MAN has not competed for a NEW LAND.

The European Space Agency? I am sorry, but they are just a JOKE. Simply putting a camera in the hands of European TOURISTS has never been a good enough idea. Every photo looks like a blurry, impressionistic painting....What is their mission? What is their goal? To follow where America leads? Shameful. Not enough...

What is REALLY going on? There is no RACE to discovery. No INTEREST in worlds just outside our door.


Forget everything else you have ever seen of interest. Forget the Face on Mars.

Tsiolkovskiiy on the Moon is where we should be.

I mean, that is, IF the Moon is truly BARREN and devoid of LIFE......

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