Am I deluded? Crazy? Just seeing things? Maybe it's Freudian....Some deep-seated need for civilized alien beings making contact with our forefathers, NOT Gods, just seems to make more SENSE to me.

This is an impossibly OLD, universe, folks. We really have NO IDEA just how old. Some worlds just got started with LIFE long before Earth did, that's all. And, depending on their environment and the roll of the universal DICE, they are either, to our senses, descended from the Mammal, The Insect, The Plant...Who Knows? But, they ARE out there. We see them in our skies, undeniable evidence that NO world government can ever recognize.....

They absolutely HAVE to exist, and we are conditioned to believe that life can only exist on earth-like worlds. How SILLY, folks. We cannot be the only ones that exist in this limitless ocean of light and darkness. We just can't be, and i don't base that on a pessimistic view of mankind. We have done alright. How many of you are sitting in a clean, well-lit room? We are doing alright, as civilization goes.

It is important, because all I see out there are CIVILIZATIONS. Buildings. Cities. Beings living TOGETHER. We are on the right track, and we are on the ONLY planet available to us, FOREVER, folks.

And I do believe that we will figure it all out, eventually, because THEY appear to have done so out there, and they can't have started out any better than WE have.

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