ISN'T THIS A BUILDING? for the blind

ISN'T THIS A BUILDING? for the blind

Some joker sent me a missive today. Says he can NEVER see what I am trying to show, that my photos are NEVER what I say they are. Yes, sometimes I am wrong in the interpretation, but any FOOL can see that there is ALWAYS something there. Doesn't have to be EXACTLY what I say it is, that isn't the point.

I am not preaching to the pedantic, anyway.....

I HOPE that I am preaching to the CHOIR, something most preachers secretly LOVE to do.

I have nothing to say to NAYSAYERS, except "FUK-em"......

No pedants allowed.

People that need their hands held should just go back to all the ZANY alien-related stuff on YOUTUBE.

You know, where the photo FLICKERS and does all kinds of neat shit, anything but hold still so that a person can get a good look.

My photos stand still for FULL inspection, no trickery, no cleverness just to get you to look.

I am trying to show you something real and I feel ABSOLUTELY not a shred of embarrassment in what I believe to be TRUE...

Why is it that the NEGATIVE folk always have the time to write, but never the time to spare these photos more than a cursory glance?

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