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BOYCOTT - DISCLOSE.TV until they fix the hits counters, and stop stealing our hits, so only the hand picked make it onto the front page, as GREY everyday. They need to publicly say they have fixed the counter before we upload videos to make them money, while they steal our hits ! Log in and track your hits if you don't belive, even if then you log out they still track you and take your hits. Put up a sign saying you will not post until they fix the counters. BOYCOTT !
I was sent this message, this is what they said in an email.

The person:
> Man nothing works at your site, the counter keep taking 60-260 hits at a time.
> :
When does this occur? When the video is a couple of days old? With every video?
"With every video?" that means they know they take the hits of - EVERY VIDEO.

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