Man, some people will BITCH about anything......

I have NEVER posted a photo of ANY planet, nor any object on any planet, that I have altered in any way other than to make the photo less blurred, less dark. I have never photoshopped a damn thing, unless you count sharpening, lightening or creating a collage photoshopping.

Very few people have ever asked me to post anything.

I post because what I post is TRUE.

I post because I want to.

I have never made a cent, nor has it cost me a PENNY.

It is all free will, no one gets PAID, to my knowledge, for posting anything.

I post photos because I feel , SHIT, I KNOW that I have discovered something rather INTERESTING.

No one has to post ANYTHING at this site.

Who cares how many hits you get?

Post something INTERESTING, then sit back and take your chances.

THEN MOVE ON to the next one.

Don't become wedded to photoshopped CARS on MARS.

I've lost THOUSANDS of hits, yet I try to keep looking for things of interest to post. YES, I do care about the amounts of looks certain postings get, mostly BECAUSE the most interesting photos that I post seem to get the LEAST VIEWS. Isn't that true, those of you who look at everything posted?

I am not trying to save the world. No one can do that. It is just that we are MISSING SO MUCH. There is so much MORE to life, and we are kept from it, nose to the grindstone, and I will will regret that bitterly to the end......

I admit that I would be TERRIFIED to take that first step on the Moon, or Mars, or VENUS, but I would like to have the OPTION.

It is what your great-grandparents, your grandparents, your mothers and fathers and even YOU have paid for, just the opportunity. Those are CIVILIZED folks out there, probably no weirder than the French...

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