To disclose you are nothing but scum, without value. When you come here and take your time to click on a video you are in a way voting for that video. Your responce to that video positively or negatively should have value, you should have value as a person and as a human being. Yet takes your votes, they steal your votes at whim if the person that uploaded the video dares to come into to enjoy the videos that have been worked on and made for others to enjoy. To your click and you as a person, as a human being, are just scum, worthless excrement to disregard your click and to steal it at whim in increments of 60 clicks at a time, 60 human clicks, your clicks and just erase them from existance as if you never were born, as if you are just scum, without any value. You are scum, to

What someone wrote:

Stealing Hits

you are right, steals Hits, i watch this for months now,
nearly every image i upload, there is a difference from 30 up to over 100 Hits missing the nex day, what is going on ?
Also they censored older videos.
That's why I do not post here anymore...maybe only some photos before I delete this account . More people need to know that someting sinister is going on here, after they changed the site layout.


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