Stylish Laptop Notebook USB Anti-Theft Alarm,Only US$1.61

Stylish Laptop Notebook USB Anti-Theft Alarm,Only US$1.61

Laptop/PC/Computer Security Device: Laptop Notebook USB Anti-Theft Alarm Security System

To protect your laptop from being stolen,using the right security device, notebook lock and laptops alarms are the most widely used. But notebook lock cost a lot. So affordable anti theft alarm is acceptable for all, and the most practical style must be the USB Anti-Theft Alarm.

Notebook USB Anti-Theft Alarm

This USB computer laptop anti-theft alarm detector alarm when the USB wire is disconnected to protect your laptop from being stolen. With On/Off Switch, easy operation. Using it does not require any cables, you can directly insert it into your computer's USB port, even if it is taken way or cut, detector will release alarm, and the sound is loud to frighten thief and warn the master, voice can be heard even in remote place, It's the ideal choice to protect the cell phone, Laptop computer, digital products, GPS, etc.

Alarm Mode: When the thief inserted in a notebook computer or unplug with a USB interface digital products, alarm immediately sound an alarm sound, cut the USB cable when the burglar alarm will be triggered regardless of the computer is power on / off ,it can be detected and monitoring anti-theft.

USB Anti-Theft Alarm

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