I don't know what else to say except " I told you so...."

Can you really deny to yourselves that this is a building of some sort on Mars?

WHAT IF there is stiff competition out there for the resources of LIFE, like COAL or OIL or WATER...

Say the ALIENS have been around so long that they have used up just about everything on their worlds that are essential for sustaining life, trees and BEES and MINERALS and so forth....

Say life out there, CIVILIZED, SOCIALIST life out there, is a stiff competition.

TOUGH to survive without WAR.

Say they don't want US out there yet, upsetting a delicate balance achieved a LONG time ago.

Say Mankind, FAR from being stupid, has come along TOO QUICKLY, maybe we should not have arrived at Space Travel for a thousand years yet...

Say we are where we are as a result of a PUSH from eager alien hands.

Say the rest of THEM don't want US out there yet...

Say that's why the entire Far Side of the moon is bright.

And NOTHING is ever reported found anywhere.

Say aliens control the MEDIA.

ALL of it.

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