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There is no Dr. Viktor Lubek from any university ANYWHERE. Go on, search for him....

I posted the story of what these MUMMIES actually are TWO YEARS AGO.

They are NOT aliens.

It has been confirmed by Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Minister of State of Egyptian Antiquities, that the TWO mummies found in King Tut's Burial Chamber are his stillborn DAUGHTERS. Nearly ALL mummified children appear this way. There is a graveyard FULL of them in a town in Mexico, where all the children died as result of PLAGUE...

Sorry. No mystery chamber. No unidentified alien objects. No strange clothing....

Isn't it funny that every story seems to include museum curators speaking under cloak of anonymity.

What reporter is canny enough to get a museum curator to admit to anything, let alone aliens?

Just another bullshit story that some are foolish enough to believe....

That is why you check the unusual OUT, not accept the word of a known FOOL and faker...

I guess this is what happens when your BOYCOTT fails, eh? You get desperate for SENSATIONAL LIES....

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