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Okay, those of you Ancient Alien doubters, especially those of you who once believed, then let hokey-jokey television shows ruin your faith and common sense....

The myth of IO and her seduction by king of Gods ZEUS, known also as the father planet, Jupiter, resembles nothing less than THE TRUTH, in planetary terms....

You see, the intense MAGNETIC FIELD of Jupiter HOLDS, squeezes and caresses it's closest orbiting Moon IO, which causes INTENSE, constant volcanic action throughout the orb...

Which causes TAVASHTAR, the volcano at the top of IO, to spew out 200 mile wide clouds which billow over the top of prostrate Io.....

HOW did the Greeks know this FACT, which was not discovered by modern man until NASA's Voyager One passed by in 1979?

How did the Greeks know this unless it was told to them, and remembered and passed down as a MYTH? Most myths, including the tale of Prometheus, can be confirmed through careful observation of the behavior of the celestial bodies of our Solar System.......

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