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This is a city on Mars. No matter how good the photo, folks still tend to disagree.

It is TOO BIG. Too enormous a TRUTH for most people, too much of a schism in reality.

Better get your MINDS ready, folks. Better start accepting the simple FACT that there is highly advanced life out there, at least consider the possibility and be prepared for stupendous changes once it becomes commonly known.

Some people will go MAD. Things just might collapse entirely, as our reality is totally and completely built on LIES.

LIES that our leaders tell us most willingly, while they work us all into our graves, born into DEBT, they use your LIVES and the lives of your children as mere collateral....Born into debt means born a SLAVE. They give you $700.00 computer phones and make you feel SMART and proud to have one...So LITTLE....Video Games...Trucks, Cars, BACON, Boats....

Tattoos and Hair Extensions, Weaves and Excursions, Bad Education and Excuses...

And the choice between Two Evils every four years or so, no matter what country you are in nowadays. How did the American Way become the ONLY WAY?

Because America won the WARS and infected the world with our MONEY and our MOVIES. Now we have all this false DEMOCRACY, an entire world of individuals that all want the same thing.

Is is true that man subconsciously needs a LEADER, someone to show EVERYONE the way? The one GOD. The one way of life?

As long as it is Human Life.

Every country absolutely UNITED, even the communists, in denying the existence of Extraterrestrial Life....

Yet, these COWARDS are afraid to take another small step on the Moon.....

And have NEVER put a man anywhere near Mars. Can you imagine that NASA has fallen apart without ever even attempting to send men to Mars? NASA has to use private firms like Space-Ex to get into space...

Something is WRONG, admit it....

There are Powerful, POWERFUL advanced races out there, THOUSANDS of years ahead of us, for some reason...

And our leaders are TERRIFIED of them.

I believe that MAN will never go into SPACE again. Low Earth Orbit does NOT count.....

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