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crazy green orb moving erratically

crazy green orb moving erratically

ok here is the first pic i edited this one to try show how the glare actually look cause it was real diff looking than ordinary glare off lights and this object was extremely big and bright 10X than a full moon never seen a star moon or light this bright and as much glare as this object did and there was plenty of stars around object that u can tell where alot futher away this object look like it was just a few feet above the tree lines bout mile away from where took pic. and as usual stars dont show up on cell phones a full moon will barely even pic up and this object shows up with no problem. after i upload this one i upload the original pic and vid is on youtube. also my phone froze and turned red while filming the object had to cut it off take battery out for a min turned it on took 3-5 pics of it and my phone did same thing so i said fuck it walked back in took battery out put it back and phone hasnt messed up since and only time it ever did it was when filming this object only thing i can figure is the light of the object was so bright and intense that messed wit mt cam on phone

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