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As incredible and preposterous as this may sound, these MARTIANS dwell on the sides of a mountain, defying all Earthly acts of gravity....

Well, WHY NOT? It's Mars, after all....

I know for certain NOW, in my life, in OUR lives and lifetimes, ANYTHING is possible. We can reach THEM now, they know that WE know that they exist....

Remember the Temple of the Rock or Dome UFO incident. That was REAL, no denying it.

Folks, is it not INDEED strange that there is NEVER any Military or Government response from any country on Earth nowadays when a UFO is seen and reported? They never offer to analyze the films. photos or anything else.

And did you know that the EVIDENCE usually always disappears from the homes of those that take said photos or films?

First rate BURGLARIES that would put most spy scenarios to shame. Most people never even discover that anything is missing until they have cause to review the evidence again....

ISRAEL has yet to comment on the incident...

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  • Technothanks#

    Technothanks October 29, 2012 3:26:02 AM CET

    What in the HELL language is this? I'd have an easier time deciphering a Martian dialect....!
    Not that I care. I once wrote this character a complimentary message and he SLIMED me for it....!!!!
    So, I don't give a shit what this says.
    ....Though them repeated rsrsrs may be a RASPBERRY of some foreign nature.

    Hey, if it ain't from Brooklyn, it don't mean NOTHING.....

    So, TORVAM, on whatever island you are on, EHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    (I just did that ITALIAN thing with the HAND under the CHIN...)

  • Torvam#

    Torvam October 25, 2012 1:59:24 AM CEST

    Hé!!! Acho que você secou a garrafa sozinho rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsr.

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