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THIS is one of the few possible Ancient Alien Corpses unearthed in EGYPT, of late....

This unknown, unidentified and STRANGELY constructed being is certainly NOT one of King Tutankhamen's twin fetuses....

It was unearthed in CAIRO, quite by accident, in the CITY OF THE DEAD, so the tale goes. There were MORE bizarre mummies in the crypt, but, over the years since the tomb was plundered and converted into a HOME, the bodies were EATEN by Egyptians as medicine!

Someone lives in the crypt to this day, in fact, there is a motorcycle parked in front of the open doorway of what undoubted used to be a royal burial chamber. Has the mummy been tested? Has the DNA been closely examined?


And it has been designated "UNKNOWN"!!!!

The mummy is NOT on display at the Museum of Antiquities, and was one of the only ones REMOVED by the curators before last year's UPRISING, to prevent it from being stolen!

The nipples on this creature's chest are nearly level with the SHOULDERS.....

The EARS bizarrely similar to SPOCK'S.....

WICKED underbite....

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