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American-as-apple-pie Wisconsin painter Grant Wood caused quite a stir when it was released back in 1932. It was considered to be wicked, biting, satirical, disrespectful......Daughters of the American Revolution, as it is also known, was attacked by every newspaper in America, every Art Critic...

It was being shown in a private house, rather than an art gallery, for no serious Art Gallery would have it, when Hollywood and Stage legend Edward G. Robinson chanced upon it during one of his New York walks, a short time after becoming world-famous as heartless gangster "Little Caesar" Bandello....

It was being offered by the Ferargril Galleries for a measly $2,000.00 Robinson could not believe his ears and snapped it up immediately.

Edward G. Robinson went on to become one of the finest, most expert and respected art collectors in the world....

As well as becoming one of the greatest of the Stars in the heavens of Hollywood.

He actually had TWO great art periods, like some famous painters, the one BEFORE the divorce, and the one AFTER...

His wife Gladys forced him to sell off his first greatest collection, full of Picassos, Monets and Dalis to an Onassis cousin named Niarchos, which broke Eddie G's heart...Niarchos promised to sell it back to him at a substantial profit, then ran off in his yacht when Robinson actually came a-calling, cash in hand...The only way to pick himself up again, besides throwing himself into movie-making, was to start a NEW collection, which was soon the envy of the art world....

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