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Cat with All Seeing Eye

Cat with All Seeing Eye

Attached is a photo of Miss Keiki.
One week after I adopted her she attacked a car speeding down the street, got run over, jumped up and ran off. It took me an hour to find her and take her home. One week later she was climbing trees and running all over and ruling the roost here ( two other black male cats ... both bigger than her). She has a badly scraped tail but that is healing. I conjecture that she used up at least 'four' of her other 'lives' with that little incident. Maybe the mothership told her that the idiot in a Nissan was a threat to daddy.

Anyway ... take notice of the 'ALL SEEING EYE' symbol ( like the CBS logo) on the side of her tummy. I am convinced that this is for remote viewing of everything that goes on in my home ( and in the neighborhood ... for she is quite the philanderer !)

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