Sorry it took over a MONTH to respond to your queries/comments....

I had no idea that there were further comments from FACEBOOK and other sources below the posted photos. I ran into these by pure accident, as I rarely look again at what has been posted, I am always off on something NEW...

I tried to respond to your FACEBOOK accounts, but it is not allowed, apparently, by a non-member.

This photo is NOT from the Moon, Mr. Beardsley, it is from Victoria Crater on Mars, taken by the "rover" Opportunity.

You can see from the photos posted today that I in no way altered the photo, just slightly sharpened and enlarged what is already there.

The NASA catalog # for the above image: PIA 08779.

Mr. Daniel (or is it Mr. Jeff?):

A more in-depth explanation, the only one that I ever expound upon, is that there are people living on Mars. There is more than enough PROOF to support that supposition waiting for us ALL at Victoria Crater. Go to WIKIPEDIA and explore the Victoria Crater color panorama bit by bit. You will see AMAZING things, even though the photo has been heavily altered.

Mr Beardsley: HOW can we possibly know the TRUTH about the Moon? Who knows if there weren't TREES and VEGETATION in the PAST, just like on Earth, that have been converted into the necessary hydrocarbons? Who knows what lies beneath the surface of the Moon? Not NASA, if we are to believe that they know no more NOW than they knew 50 years ago....

We are expecting TRUTH about superior EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE from the same people that killed Kennedy...The same people that have lied to us all of our lives....The people behind 9/11. The people that send our children off to WAR. The people that have us all living on CREDIT. The people that have indebted our grandchildren and all of the generations to follow.

They have absolutely NOTHING to gain by telling us the truth. What if we could LIVE on Mars or the Moon? The gravity is far lighter, so we would likely age SLOWER and live LONGER on either planet. Would you stay on Earth if you could live a longer, stronger, better life on another planet...?

Who stands to GAIN by suppressing the truth? Those already in CONTROL....

THANK YOU for the interesting comments.

I hope, Mr. Daniel, that you took Mr. Beardsley advice and have not held your breath for all this time.

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