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The above image is a very nice one of the Hale Crater evidence completed by a viewer known to me only as C.K. Except for the red border bracketing the image and the labeling that I've put in it, this is entirely his original work and has no work in it by me. His work is this good because he recognized from the outset that obfuscation tactics were present as upper layer additions in the image and first must be defeated to get the best visual results. It should also be noted that, although his tactics mimicked my own, they were arrived at entirely on his own with no input by me.

As you can see, it offers an improvement over my own imaging. This is a real help to me because it saves me from eventually having to go back and do this work myself eking out this tiny additional detail. I would have had to have done this before my first book evidence gets into public and science community awareness. If this had not been done, it would have left too much room for misdirection argument and debate. So thank you CK and well done.

This improvement is always quite possible as my work is often hurried to meet posting deadlines that I've established for myself and I come to the conclusion that the work may not be as good as it can get but it's good enough for posting the report with no more delays. The next three images below, one black and white, the next with a little color in it, and the third smaller in color focusing on a more narrowly defined area are just CK's image with some very slight improvements in them by me to accentuate fine detail.

Source: http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/evidence-reports/2005/084/hale-civ-ev...

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