City on MARS, folks...Isn't it weird how so many sourPUSSIES at this site, those with NOTHING ever to post or show, those who stand for absolutely NOTHING, always have some wise-ass comment that they are compelled to make?

It's funny. They are like those stooges in the film "IDIOCRACY" that think the television is talking to them, PERSONALLY. I try to provoke them with outlandish titles and the fools respond in kind....

"Tech NO THANKS", indeed! How many times have I said that this is EXACTLY the way to say it? Some dude swears he was being WITTY...!

What a world, the world of "IDIOCRACY", today.....

I'll bet they've watched the entire film and wondered what the point was, as it is a page out of their everyday lives....

As The Batman said to Harvey Dent in "The Dark Knight Returns", when Harv asked him what he saw when he looked into his shattered face: " A REFLECTION.....".

More strange STILL, how "The Dark Knight" has become central to all the latest conspiracy theories...Parents, keep your children at home just a LITTLE bit longer, please! Comic Books have taken over the minds of the world, as I always told my friends back in the 90's, that they WOULD!

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