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If you want to see the VIDEO of this one, the departing astronaut's view, then YOUTUBE is where to find it...
There are FAR, FAR too many videos dumped on this site daily, and I hate crowds....

The video has the same title as above....

Someone wrote me another LONG letter complaining about the blurriness of the photos I have posted here. Get with it, man! NASA blurs the photos. I make them as sharp as possible, no sharper, 'cause I am SICK of hearing from the ARTEFACT professors....

Why does it offend some of these jokers SO MUCH to hear someone take a stand and say that there is LIFE on all the worlds surrounding us? You would think that I OFFENDED these characters the way they go on! I LAUGH all day at them, they are always good for a chortle, at least.

It is MY OPINION. I will say whatever the f'n HELL I want to. You would think that I was talking about KIDNAPPING, or TITTIES, or RELIGION or the joys of RAPE or something. Maybe asking them to give away their wealth to the poor or something. They feel that they just MUST be heard by me!

It all falls on DEEF EARS....

Want to be heard? DISCOVER something interesting and post it, then you will have my full attention! ANYONE can be a CRITIC! Just anyone at all, obviously. It is too late for me, you can NEVER sway me, I have seen AND posted too much.....!

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