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See? People live on MARS. No need for DEBATE.....This is on the way OUT of the MAYAN TEMPLE CITY.

VIDEO, of course, will be at YOUTUBE, since it will just get lost in the MIX here....Are people REALLY uploading so many vids to this site, or is the Overwhelming Uploading coming from Agents of Misfortune? I have never seen so many hollow souled, empty HOO-HAH specimens all gathered together in one spot, in all my born days...

No, I don't want to be part of all that....

My stuff, I must tell you, is also over at, -SIGH-!.... T W I T T E R. It's easier access, you can see the photos, the videos and whatever else, all in one place. Or, so TWITTER tells me, I haven't had the chance to look as of yet....I have no plans to TWIT anyone, ever....

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