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BRAZIL: A country of oppressive police and corrupt government
June 13th, 2013

It’s been 4 days since a massive protest has initiated in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and other cities in Brazil, to fight against an increase on the public transport’s fare. The increase from R$3.00 to R$3.20 (this rise happened specifically in São Paulo) has caused an enormous disruption on the population which has gone to the streets to fight for their rights. It seems that R$0.20 ( $0.10 ) is nothing and not a significant increase at all but believe it or not, this ‘’small’’ increase have a huge impact on the majority of the ordinary population which sometimes, have to abdicate of some of their food to keep using the public transport after this increase. It has been claimed that the increase on the fare causes social exclusion and split even more the poles of the population, the rich and the poor.
Pacifist protesters went to action on the streets to show the government their repudiation for such an action and had a shocking violent altercation against the police. The majority of the protesters did not show any violent behaviour towards the police neither to the public property. Of course there were some minor incidents and a very small group was responsible for partial destruction of buses and depredation as any other massive protest has shown, but nothing critical for the city at all. Not surprisingly, on the past four days of protests, the police have reacted shooting, mainly on journalists, students and reporters, rubber bullets aiming the face and chest, tear gas and pepper spray against the population as well as nightsticks and hard plastic shields were used to harm and threaten the population. Loads of pictures and videos of the confronts can be seen on these pages, it is shocking:

Now the funny part starts! A big distortion of the reality has been presented from the manipulative mainstream media on the main TV channels and internet. Globo is the biggest TV broadcast in Brazil which also has influence on the government and their decisions. Basically they work together in a very well thought and manipulative web of lies, control and terror dissemination.
At Globo’s website, www.globo.com, and TV bulletins, the corrupt and biased news mainly and exclusively highlight the ‘’depredation’’ and ‘’bad behaviour’’ of protesters and ‘’their violent action’’ towards the police. It’s all LIES and more LIES based on a distortion of reality.

I kindly ask you to watch the video on the following link:

You can clearly see the policeman breaking the window of his OWN car to use this as subterfuge in order to create an excuse to attack and harm the pacifists. This is also used to show on the mainstream media websites ‘’how violent’’ the protesters are and how ‘’poor organized and dangerous they are’’. The ‘’BREAKING NEWS’’ says ‘’Protesters attack police car so police had to fight them back’’.
This is just ONE of the many manipulative events you can see in a place which is dominated and demonized from a corrupt government and police.
Brazilians in general are fed up with those atrocities that have been occurred on the past years and decades. Brazil is one of the countries that grows and develops most, and it is forecasted to be amongst the richest countries in the world on the next 50 years, but this scenario don’t reflect on the population as a whole.

Beyond the corrupt politicians there are still some alienated ‘’citizens’’ whom are the manipulated sheep that oppose to the protests saying that there have been so much vandalism going on that they won’t make part of it or join the cause. They claim not to join as they are afraid to be shot or harmed from police. They do not realise that this is JUST another trick from the media to keep them inside their home and scared! In fact, they are afraid of being free and so, these are the ones who have not realised yet they are living in a stage and they are the puppets of an intelligent evil government. This people are usually from the lower or middle class, usually poor in education/awareness and secondly, wealth. They strongly insist to believe on the ordinary media and their LIES. The way the government control these classes are giving some alms in form of camouflaged money and well packed in the ‘’political social projects’’ as they say, as long as in return, you promise or sold your soul (as I prefer to say) to vote on them. Nothing new here, I know this is how it works anywhere anyway, but it’s still happening compulsorily!
Well, what can we say of a country which spends billions and billions of Brazilian Reais R$ of money getting ready for 2014 FIFA World Cup, building stadiums that have an average cost of $500.000.000,00, which will present maybe 3-4 games and after that will eventually be abandoned as white elephants. In contrast, the whole population has a very poor quality on the public health system, public transport and on the top of all, a broken educational system.

What’s the point of being a rich country and having poor educated people living on it??? Besides the contradiction and ironies some still have faith that one day this country will really shine and stand out from the crowd as the way it should always be.
Call-to-Action everyone to pass the message forward, which need to be heard and seen. We need help to bring a corrupt government to its end and give back the country to its people. We have POWER together we ARE the power. Come together people!
Whatever, whoever or wherever you are you can give your contribution somehow fighting for your rights and the rights of your fellas citizens. This is being noble this is what being a true citizen and human being is all about.

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