Giant Tesla Coil

Giant Tesla Coil

  • Uploaded by Benta on May 14, 2007
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Giant Tesla coil (above) with 7 foot sparks . Awesome to be near. For more photos of sparks up to 8 feet (around half a million volts) go to Tesla coil sparks.

plus... a 16,000 Joule 12,000 volt capacitor bank for hugely powerful discharges. Half a gigawatt of peak power used for Can crushing, coinshrinking, exploding wires and many other experiments.

Other capacitor banks with electronic switching drive projectile devices such as a rail gun and coil gun. Other HV stuff stuff includes voltage multipliers, Van de Graaff generator, Jacobs ladder, lifters and other high voltage supplies. Various lasers including a homemade ultraviolet nitrogen laser, NdYAG, HeNe and CO2. Magnetohydrodynamic drive, 800 A spotwelder. Also miscellaneous electronic projects and a few half baked ideas...

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