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It's from moon SahaArea. The picture is taken from Apollo 15.Strong evidence of extraterrestial life on moon! In spite of NASAs attempt of hiding evidence is it still possible to find evidence of extraterrestial presence on the moon in the old Apollo images on the website: Apollo Image Atlas! ( http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/ ) Recently I found among the panoramic photographs ( AS15-P-9074 )a photo with some strange circles and some structures that seems to be a kind of transparent roofed/covered doomes in translucent kind of glass.
It seems to be a kind of entrance through the circles, so lets call the area: Stargates or hyperdimensional portal.
Link to the original photo:http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/images/print/AS15/P/9074.jpg - AS15-P-9074 is in two different files. One in 650Kb, and another socalled Highresolution in 9,6 MB.I've made a magnifying of the 9,6MB picture.Made a selection from around the area in top of the photograph.
18 cm width ,14cm height and 900pixels/cm. â?? then reduced the final outcome to around 400Kb. For web-reasons.
Lets hope that NASA will not remove the photos AS15-P-9074 650Kb. And HighRes.9,6Mb. from Web like they have done with dusins of other photographs, when evidence of extraterrestial life on moon was found!.A closer lookup at the circles will follow.

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