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As a mother i pray for all those who have lost their children young and old to war. I pray that i can some how make a difference, some how do something to make us not go to war,for our government to stop killing innocent people. Killing more children, women and innocent men for a reason that is not even Proven fact;Assad using chemical weapons.I saw a little Syrian girl, around the age of my daughter, holding up a sign " No more American Bombing Democracy" those words should speak to the entire world.
Seeing the photo made me think of what i can do, with such little resource, such little time.And knowing many othe are in the same boat. But then i realized, almost everyone has a computer& camera, or phone, and can upload photos. And I then thought of the saying that a photo can tell a thousand words and the photo of that little girl. SO i ask everyone, old,younge,single,married,divorced,America,Syrian,Mexican,etc.Anyone, who is against our government, the U.S.A. attacking Syria; Please post a photo of you& your family or loved ones [ even animals] ,friends too, with a sign saying why you believe its wrong for us to strike Syria or why we should stop fighting other nations' wars. And having our men and women die along with all those innocent people that passed due to the war thats been going on since 2001.

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