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UK and U.S. intelligence reports on Syria chemical attack based on Facebook and Youtube data

UK and U.S. intelligence reports on Syria chemical attack based on Facebook and Youtube data

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  • uploaded: Sep 10, 2013
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We all remember how the U.S. government prepared world public opinion for invasion in Iraq in 2003. It was more difficult for the U.S. to convince its allies to start an operation against Gaddaffi in 2011. But the situation in Syria has come to a deadlock now. The UN Security Council opposes the operation; NATO leadership also abstains from participation. Despite the lack of support among parliamentarians and their own citizens the U.S., Great Britain and France keep on insisting on military operation in Syria.
The U.S. decided to exploit chemical weapons use as a reason for invasion as well as it was before the Iraqi war in 2003. But their national intelligence services reports were not able to convince the British Parliament or the American Congress this time. And it's no wonder. (
I was really surprised to know that such important intelligence documents were based on social media messages and Youtube videos. There is nothing definite in these documents. They contain unreliable info from uncertain users in social media, some videos in Youtube, virtual witnesses' evidence and journalists' reports.
They say they can't disclose information sources. May be they don't even have those sources and this is a big forgery.
They say social media users were the first to report Syrian governmental forces had used chemical weapons on August 21. Tell me please, how a person can write something on Facebook or Twitter in two hours after intoxication. It is obvious that all these messages were prepared beforehand.
They refer to Youtube videos and say they can't be forged. Yes but only if they were made in Hollywood. Any video record can be forged and especially if the U.S. special services are engaged.
They say the huge number of corpses without visible injuries can prove the use of chemical weapons. But this may be a plot shot in advance by Al Jazeera.
The U.S. says 1496 people died during the chemical attack while the British intelligence counted only 350 people. It seems these figures are as far from the truth as Syria is from the U.S.
They say the Syrian artillery intensified the artillery barrage of the chemical attack areas by 4 times after August 21. We are offered to believe Assad tried to conceal chemical use. But it may be so that the governmental forces bombed the positions of the terrorists who had actually used chemicals.
The list of the British and the American intelligence failures can be continued further more. You can see all of them at the screenshots below. Amazing how incompetent the UK and the U.S. intelligence services appear in this case. I am sure there would be no invasion into Iraq if such documents got to mass media 10 years ago.

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