His correct title is DR. Professor. He is a ROCKET SCIENTIST and MECHANICAL ENGINEER.

HEAD of the RUSSIAN SPACE AGENCY, he is sounding a WARNING and preparing a MISSION to DEFLECT the APOPHIS ASTEROID, due to swing by OUR PLANET in 2029 just for FUN, with a return in 2036 BENT on our DESTRUCTION...

He obviously doesn't trust NASA'S calculations of 1 chance in 250,000 of this thing hitting us. It is rumoured that a 13 year old GERMAN BOY named NIKO MARQUADT corrected NASA'S figures.

The NEW estimate is 1 chance in 450!

NASA was THAT FAR OFF! NASA denies little NIKO'S figures, but EVERY SPACE AGENCY in the WORLD estimates at least 1 chance in 6000....That is not very comforting.

There ARE WELLS OF gravity that lie in space. ANY CONTACT the APOPHIS ASTEROID makes with these "KEYHOLES" will alter it's trajectory. see the MAO at the upper LEFT? Should APOPHIS, named after the EGYPTIAN GOD of DEATH, DARKNESS, and DESTRUCTION, hit our ORB, it will hit anywhere from EUROPE to SOUTH AMERICA, with the force of an 880 megaton EXPLOSION!

The RUSSIAN SPACE AGENCY believes that the ODDS are much lower than NASA will allow us to believe. 1 in 37, Folks...

If we don't give this thing a SERIOUS NUDGE or DESTROY it altogether, it is due to return EVERY SEVEN years after 2029, getting closer and closer with each pass...

At least the RUSSIANS are going MOBILE!

But I still believe in MIMAS...

And, who knows, maybe APOPHIS is POPULATED and they are just swinging by for a LOOK see.

After all this 2012 jazz, ANOTHER world calamity.

See how it works?

Even former NASA astronaut RUSTY SCHWEICKART, of APOLLO 9 fame, says we MUST DO SOMETHING, at least attach a RADIO DEVICE to it's surface so that we can accurately track it...

But such a MISSION may take 23 YEARS to put together...WE DON'T HAVE 23 YEARS!

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