Here is the PLACE...If you went UNDERGROUND here, you usually NEVER came up AGAIN....

The JEWISH and RUSSIAN slave here WILLINGLY gave up their lives to SLOW the production of the A-4 through A-10 ROCKETS of WERNER VON BRAUN and the NAZI MACHINE.

They slowed the PROGRAM down SEVERELY.
The A-4 program was at least SEVERAL MONTHS behind schedule due purely to SABOTAGE.

HITLER was 1 WEEK away from launching the A-10 ROCKET at LONDON when the RUSSIANS and ALLIES broke through, when PEENEMUNDE was DESTROYED.

The A-10 ROCKET was rumoured to be NUCLEAR, though this was subsequently found to be untrue.

Still, the A-10 was the most ACCURATE ROCKET ever designed, capable of delivering hundreds of TONS of TRIALEN, the most powerful explosive in the WORLD at the time, right at the HEART of LONDON.

It was HITLER'S main stated INTENT.

if JUST ONE had hit LONDON...There would be no LONDON today. OR NEW YORK, which was to be the NEXT TARGET...

Those SLAVES saved the world as we know it today and gave us the HEAVENS...!

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