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Though Von Braun endeavored to enter the Black Vacuum of Space, No Man exists in a VACUUM in Times of WAR.

The RUSSIANS wanted Von Braun.

America, Japan, Great Britain.....

There were orders to CAPTURE or Kill Von Braun and all scientists stationed at PEENEMUNDE, WASSENAR and NORDHAUSEN.

All or NOTHING. These men had demonstrated the ability to LAUNCH guided MISSILES accurately to ANY given target.

LONDON was being destroyed nightly. NEW YORK, MOSCOW, TOKYO-NOWHERE on Earth was beyond the grasp of their vengeance. The ALLIES had FIRE BOMBED DRESDEN, killing over 150,000 Germans in one night, MOSTLY CIVILIANS...


VON BRAUN and his MEN had no compunctions about blowing LONDON off the face of the EARTH. They blamed their COUSINS for EVERYTHING that had been happening in GERMANY for the past 30 years.

It was time for REVENGE and they had JUST THE WEAPONS to achieve their goal: ANNIHILATION of Great Britain!

The most DANGEROUS WEAPONS ever created. But GERMANY was loosing the WAR. The SECRETS of the A-4 PROGRAM and the even DEADLIER A-10 program must not fall into foreign hands.

ALL those who had participated in these programs were EXPENDABLE.

Von Braun was aware of this. He'd resolved that, when the time came, when ALL WAS LOST, the WEST was the way to go. He felt that the RUSSIANS would DESTROY him no matter what. The NAZI'S would have him SHOT in order to keep his secrets from passing into foreign hands. He did not want to be a HOSTAGE to FORTUNE, but there was nothing he could do but WAIT and see how things worked out.

He'd ALWAYS been LUCKY, all of his life.

But now more than mere LUCK was needed. Von Braun had to get more than just himself out of GERMANY and into the WEST. He needed to secretly communicate his plans to ALL of his BEST scientists. But just HOW would they get out? SURRENDER to the AMERICANS and hope for the best?

What he could not know was that AMERICA was coming for HIM....

More Later....

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