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Werner Von Braun and all the captured NAZI scientists were eventual settled at FORT BLISS, Texas.

They were soundly HATED by ALL American Senators, Statesmen and CITIZENS-so how were they allowed to COME to this country, let alone REMAIN in this country?

JUNE 20, 1945. OPERATION PAPERCLIP. They were allowed into AMERICA by ORDERS of the PRESIDENT UNITED STATES. They were shuttled from one base to another, as opposition to their very presence in America mounted.

SECRET meetings were held with ALL opposing parties, where the HORRORS of NUCLEAR WAR and the FACT that RUSSIA, our former ALLY, was FAR AHEAD in the SPACE RACE, were stressed and expanded upon.

Most people left those meetings firmly convinced that VON BRAUN was the SAVIOUR of our FUTURE.

How were the NAZIS NATURALIZED? They were put on a BUS in TEXAS, taken to MEXICO, and allowed to re-enter the country as MEXICAN CITIZENS....

VON BRAUN and his men did more than put us on an even footing with the RUSSIANS. By the MID-SIXTIES, AMERICA was PRE-EMINENT in Space Flight.

Von Braun spent the rest of his life defending his PAST. He had a lot of 'splainin' to do, but it did not matter. WE needed him, no doubt, all must be overlooked...

There is MUCH to KNOW about this MAN. No matter his PAST, he was a LOYAL AMERICAN. He once stated that he gave the secrets of BALLISTIC MISSLES to the UNITED STATES for one simple reason...

AMERICANS feared and believed in GOD....

The HEAD of NASA was asked what he thought of the contributions of the NAZI SCIENTISTS to the American Space Program. He stated that we would have taken LONGER to get to the MOON without them. He later amended his statement, saying we would never have gotten to the Moon AT ALL without them.

Werner Von Braun died in 1977.

NASA died in 2010....

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