You always hear people say that...Teach them WHAT, exactly? All the READING and WRITING and 'RITHMETIC in the WORLD won't help us if we FAIL to give them something MEATY to chew on.

I have always felt that it is best to teach a child WHAT THE CHILD WANTS TO KNOW-within REASON. At least find out what makes them happy and strive to provide THAT for them....who cares if you overdo it? ADULTS really should have no other function. We surrender ourselves to the MACHINE too early in life and render ourselves USELESS for much else.

So teach them something IMPORTANT, if you can. Something NEW if you are ABLE.

It is not CRAZY to let them know that WE ARE NOT ALONE in the Darkness of SPACE.

There is LIFE on other Planets. We are not alone in the Solar System, let alone the UNIVERSE. If there are worlds with PEOPLE on them circling every star, then there are TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of us.

They are in our SKIES not just in response to our PROBES. They have ALWAYS been there. Since BEFORE the FIRST MAN.

I believe they PUT US HERE. SOME of THEM are like US.

They have HOMES, BUSINESSES, SCHOOLS, VEHICLES, TAXES...Well, just let me show you........

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