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  • Uploaded by Gostrider on Apr 14, 2010
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Disclose tv member. Truth seeker. Ability to see thru the matrix and whats on the other side oif the veil. Watch my posts. In my fities now, but as a young child new something was very very wrong with this planet and this life here on planet Earth.
Asked my mother to first major question " how long do people live mom? Answer about average of 65 years. Well I thiught thats not very long, I guess we better learn and have FUN while we can on such a short life span. Second major question I asked my mom. Keep in mind I was only about 7 years old, ok you get all excited voting for the next president of the US, ok then who SELECTS the 2 guys they all vote for. Then she explained to me the electorial system. After that I saw how confusing it was and figured this is a scam. She said something to the effect its usally very rich guys with a lot of rich guys MONEY backing. Then at the age of 7 7 I reallized a scam! B3elieve it or not. I am an american and to this day have NEVERED voted in my life cause I knew it was a waste of time. It was fixed!

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