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BEFORE cross over sand dune pic analysis #1 dingo gap area MARS

BEFORE cross over sand dune pic analysis #1 dingo gap area MARS

  • uploaded: Feb 16, 2014
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this is earth shattering huge info if any one who Looks this over--says- to themself-- i dont care what NASA says--this is a very busy image shot of the way the terrain was on other side of that dune hill- the rover had not yet disturbed the region by moving over dune-- so this is before the rover entered the dingo gap area.... discovery and analysis of objects
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    DERRUFO February 16, 2014 6:55:19 PM CET

    if you Look at the image at 6 o clock position in my photo mosaic study of the Large 18 mb image from NASA that is included in this website --i titled it in part : " MARS UFO ET or LIFEFORMS "-- a disturbed Line of darker mars soil is seen where something moved thru the area-- an alien mars rover or a Life form of mars ? Why is NASA not discussing details of obvious activity on MARS ? why ? we all know why ?
    NASA covered up its actual reason for coming into existence Long ago--to go into space with cameras to investigate the UFOs buzzing town and planes since at Least the 1940s...NASA refuses to even make a guess at what odd shapes seen means? Doesn't the Lack of any communication from NASA to any one but its robots give you reason to worry or wonder what NASA, the USAF, and the Pentagon know ????

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