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Get Fit And Smart Fast

Get Fit And Smart Fast


This is the question alright this one comes from Alan up in Minnesota and she writes I read your that you recommend eating up to six meals a day whenever I tried that I guess so full byte fourth mail that I just can't you anymore can I follow your plan and just eat four times a day and 76 right okay that's a question that we get sometimes L when we say 6 time today that got me feeding our body doesn't necessarily mean six traditional meals why are things that I say is that regatta get ready these big plates I that you know that the traditional track whereas a day up late that's enough food for two meals all right there what we do is we switch over to eating of a place like this is a very important point well eat about as much as on the play and what are the forwards that II never heard at my house yeah no thank them for her I so when I'm how r and who this question but are you a player like this but this much food on the table all usually it most people will kind of the way.

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