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Russia overwrites postwar borders

Russia overwrites postwar borders

The international community’s attention is grabbed by Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin completed the annexation of Crimea and signed the peninsula into Russia.
Russia concentrated over 100 000 of well-prepared troops along the border with Ukraine and carried largest military drills over the past 20 years. Massive military exercises with use of tactical weapons took place in the Baltic Sea near the borders of Poland and Lithuania. Latest Russian activity disclosed its intention to revise borders in Europe in unilateral way and to change post-WWII order in the world. Russia becomes more and more aggressive and unpredictable.
Putin began border revision in a very symbolic place. It was Crimea where Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt drew Europe’s borders in the new post-war era. Today Crimea has become a place where Putin openly violates the UN Charter and the Helsinki final act. He breaks basic principles of modern European security. He uses tools of XX century – Hitler’s strategy and Gebbels-style propaganda.
We can see how Russia builds the full analog of the Danzig’s corridor (so-called Putin’s corridor) which is important for hydrocarbons transit – the basis of Russian economy. Currently, with help of springboard in Crimea Russia begins expansion on the southeast territories of Ukraine. All this is accompanied by Putin’s statements that Crimea was all, Russia demanded and it doesn’t have claims to the rest of Ukrainian territory. Most likely, the capturing of southern regions of Ukraine will be followed by occupation of Moldova. Here Russia has excellent springboards for realization of its plans: unrecognized Transnistria, occupied by Russian armed forces and Gagauz Autonomy in the southern part of Moldova where the referendum for approaching the European Union has been conducted lately.
Thus, after implementing its plans on Ukraine and Moldova occupation, Moscow will attempt to occupy gradually Georgia and other post-Soviet states, restoring the former Soviet Union “Empire of evil” status quo. However, that’s not all. Recently, there’s been more talks in Russia that in the near future it will occupy not only Ukraine and other CIS states but also Baltic states, Finland, Poland and even American Alaska. These occupational plans do not seem to be something fantastic with current aggressive Kremlin’s foreign policy and inactivity of the other world states.
Actually, today we have another Caribbean crisis, which is called “Crimean”. But soon this crisis may spread all over the Europe and it will cause redivision of European geopolitical area. Without forcing European states to meet Kremlin’s geopolitical interests, Russia won’t become a world power. This is the main Putin’s objective – to be equal in rights, first of all, with the USA.
The situation is serious and dangerous because of the West disability to counter Russian aggressive plans. The fact is the EU and the USA didn’t take real measures to support Ukraine. The formal sanctions imposed against Russia won't be able to impact Moscow. On the other hand Putin has a firm intention to reestablish the USSR and to create a new world order. So, light sanctions of the West aren't going to stop him.
Meanwhile, military occupation and Russian forcible annexation of Crimea and the EU and the USA silent assent will give a real precedent for global revision of fixed borders around the World. Kosovo, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and now Crimea, all these destabilize the bases of international law making them dependent on the correlation of forces.
Russian invasion of Crimea and Kremlin's plans to absorb neighbor countries have to dispel a myth that Kremlin could be simply calmed. Made by the EU and the USA steps are absolutely insufficient. Firstly, the West countries visa and financial sanctions should be introduced against Putin and his political and business partners. Secondly, the West has to isolate Russia by diplomatic and economic means at first. Moscow should be excited immediately from all respectable international organizations like "G8" and so on. The "Russia-NATO" Council should be dismissed. The US and its European partners should impose an armament and military equipment embargo against RF. The Russian society should clearly understand that Putin's actions will lead to the reduction of the status as the world power but not return to the supposed soviet glory.

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