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This sketch was made by the NURSE forced to participate in the ROSWELL ALIEN autopsy. Not that FAKE thing that's been on TV since the late 90'S.

No. The REAL Nurse. The one that was MURDERED soon after she provided this sketch...I've written about her before.

She stated that the BODIES exuded a strong CHEMICAL, Blood-like smell....Their ARMS were longer from forearm to wrist than a HUMAN arm...The FOUR FINGERS had SUCTION-Like FEELERS or something sticking out of the TIPS....The EARS were tiny holes...Large BLACK oval EYES, TINY mouths....

She became ILL afterwards, or so the story goes. Actually, she COMPLAINED so LOUDLY in Roswell that the ARMY relocated her....although she was a CIVILIAN.

Remember, ROBERT GODDARD was EXPERIMENTING with his ROCKETS near ROSWELL, so the MILITARY was always NEAR....In fact, TWO YEARS after the death of GODDARD, the supposed ALIEN CRASH occured!

HUNDREDS of people have come forward in this matter, including TWO ARMY MAJORS who were FIRST on the SCENE.

They both stated before their DEATHS that the ROSWELL ALIEN ENCOUNTER was 100% real, and that the ALIEN BODIES were shipped to what became EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE in California!

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