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BoDy Finess

BoDy Finess

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  • uploaded: Jun 3, 2014
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The stop thinking the bad blacks in your Androx hack you can have depression from a traumatic brain injury very common where you can have depression from some sort of toxic exposure or some really bad lifestyle choices which you and I both now are rampant in our society I've actually publish two studies on something I call but dinosaur syndrome and what that is as your weight goes up the actual physical size and function up your brain goes down and actually just scared to about of anyone there now 20 published studies on that and when I read the first study from the University of Pittsburgh I've lost 25 pounds not doing anything purposely to have a smaller Braque and it just it just changes everything when you start looking terrific so spec sounds like a marvelous tool that you can use to objectively and consistently and reliably a quantify the function .

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