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And Enjoy Being Healthy At Any Size Learn More

And Enjoy Being Healthy At Any Size Learn More

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They're so a crowd building up on the spark plugs in engine runs rough and stops and you get 0 back into the garage the mechanic ask you when he burning inform fuel you say like a receipt he says what I have an idea on strike usually any protesting in the car works great other blacks from disappears engine comes along and you think about the mechanics say ache’s so smart national smart just told you put the proper fuel and the engine and all run fine similarly with us animal fats are two oar leader too greasy basic to us they clog sLiso Cleanse up your body cells burn carbohydrate your crib cycle enzymes burn carbohydrates we burn sugars and starches that's what you want to run your body ant animal fats which brings us around to the SeibuLions to the Japanese professional baseball league more world-class athletes are realizing that her body cells burnt sugar starch it's not fat and if you are an athlete about to run marathon or play tennis or basketball it is just irrational to sit down to Big bone steak and load up on fat and protein that's exactly what you don’t want you 1 carbohydrate and training tables around the world are springing up with fruit impostors before Manchester really what athletes should be eating say the Lions finished in last place in early 1981 their coach put him on a vegetarian diet the next year they came up be everybody in the league totally championship two years in a row there are now budgetary and weightlifters and I'm just calling mister universe to California to a watt lazy vegetarian James Donaldson the big 7-foot-3 in center to .

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