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A Doctor's Very Quick

A Doctor's Very Quick

  • jraglin
  • uploaded: Jun 11, 2014
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you it does and housing is destined to be winner from the moment he set foot on the World's Strongest Man stage back in1995 the European arm wrestling champion made an instant and brutal impact goodness Nathan is down the above probably broken his arm a doctor's very quick to attend no diagnosis yet of course there are many people around here that will never happen again paint even though it's never of course not on purpose and I'm meant to hurt anybody what time that became kind of my introduction of that everybody knew for a while and then that's pretty much how it all for it up quite a start in dada but three years after that willful introduction Samuelsson not favorite to take the title in 1998 at the competition travel to Morocco if you can imagine deep freezer full of food that is about the same weight as each of these whites every call personal with a turning point and I knew if I can bathe whole I'm the power to than I will have a big gap on because that wasn't .

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