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They can think you know I love the way you think because that has a carry over to life it doesn't you know a lot of people have is just you know they have yeah I guess quote-unquote obstacles in issues and things like that but I am really just gotten good at removing myself from drama and nag running bull shutting youknow hearing what you say about guys that just want to get together and lifting be strong people there prior I assume they're note am under Face book dot Iceland I criterion it right about shit know you know and you Fighter Body know it's funny man I really think that they should seek you out if that's what you're looking for you know you know the haters in the Porsche you know I'm not by any means the you the most well-knowngeyer this and that I’m going to you want a video that up and I'll post up in this and that is really where shit ever that I get a negative response to something like.

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