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Going a little bit longer nice flat nice-looking

Going a little bit longer nice flat nice-looking


Going a little bit longer nice flat nice-looking troll ocean keep those loans will never hold your breath almost done you know and I'll relax that's those total coaches last through this world to adjust to new exercises after this one rather badly that the air and stir actually up it really did we were always keep those that are most attracted they will release inlet release alright much on exercises who's going tube a traditional squat with no way the Russian 2sa back to the ground again rotating highest judicial square feet about shoulder-width apart nice low drop down right back up again don't like to see the complete a little bit have been any rectangular slows comfortable if you want to make it more difficult you can switch by doing a single leg squat do. that let Helga thing let's go out there like he’ll be back up were the hardest version just do you foresee leg squat dissolving back and forth each one otherwise just a traditional squat both feet on the ground get back nice and flat try to mimic a angle on your shares being on your chest don't worry about those needs to know those toes as long as the angle you share in chess same exactly we need to be you know there arealaskan sit down on the ground Russian twist nests salsa on their Taylor lean back slightly his directly from your chest in wrote a nice lopsided writing back the other direction in backing year so easy real is sitting here nice Israeli .

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