That's what keeps the average HUMAN from believing in the CERTAINTY of LIFE on other worlds.

PREJUDICE. We can't even get over the difference in SKIN COLOR amongst OURSELVES. Who are these folks out there fervently hoping for some kind of DISCLOSURE from our PRESIDENT or NASA about EXTRATERRESTRIALS?

Most people could NEVER handle it.

It will just give them something more to HATE and FEAR.

I'm as PREJUDICED as the next person out there. SO ARE YOU. And I would sure hate to find that there are SUPERIOR BEINGS out there that have a look about them that I can't handle.

Or that they have certain PRACTICES and RELIGIONS that I just can't get behind.

Folks, from what I've seen, no matter WHAT aliens LOOK LIKE, they are ALL FAR MORE ADVANCED than we are. FAR more advanced. We are not SECOND BEST. We are not TENTH BEST.

In this Solar System alone there are at LEAST 100 (my ESTIMATE) INHABITED Worlds. From ALMATHEA to VENUS.

We are not even IN the TOP 100, technologically.

And I'm ALREADY prejudiced AGAINST them, due to their OBVIOUS SUPERIORITY.

I can only hope that they are more TOLERANT than WE are.

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