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The Ranch Location

The Ranch Location


The PROPOSED location

In 2002 Gary McKinnon easily entered the computer networks of the military industrial complex in the US and located a spreadsheet containing data on "non-terrestrial officers" and "fleet-to-fleet transfers" and a list of [non Navy] ship names.

In 2005 began processing confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78.

"I learned back in the 1983-1984 time period about an alleged exchange program of humans leaving Holloman AFB on April 25, 1964, for Zeta Reticuli with non-humans while I was working on a Home Box Office television special entitled, "UFOs: The E. T. Factor." I was told three human men went: one died on the alien planet; one went insane (don't know fate); and one returned to Earth and was given a safe house in which to live the rest of his life on an island provided for by the U. S. government." Linda M Howe are currently asking some of the better questions in the world of covert/black operations, UFOs and the alien phenomena. Here they interview both John Lear and Dan Burisch on video with some startling outcomes. We are beyond the boundaries of true or false - fact, myth and motive weave together here to create an elaborate story about clandestine power-groups, ET liaison and new technolgies.

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