HOWL. The most EXPLOSIVE, SHOCKING poem that I have ever read. I have NEVER been able to forget it.

I read this Electric ACID while standing in CITY LIGHTS BOOKSTORE. I walked all the way out to the SUNSET District, STUNNED.

An ATOMIC EXPLOSION of words, thoughts, images, TRUTH.

"I have seen the finest minds of my generation destroyed by MADNESS...."

It brought a TEAR to my eye THEN, It brings a tear to my eye NOW.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, of the very same CITY LIGHTS books, was the only man in America with the GUTS to publish this searing account of LIFE on the STREETS...And in the MIND...

Allen GINSBURG became a counter-culture HERO.

Published in 1956, "HOWL" was declared obscene.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti was ARRESTED.

"HOWL" was declared NOT OBSCENE on Oct. 3rd, 1957....

It's probably FREE somewhere on-line.

Please, do yourself a FAVOR and READ IT!

Better yet, if you are in THE BAY AREA, walk into CITY LIGHTS bookstore and PURCHASE a copy...

"CITY LIGHTS" is next to 'VESUVIO" on COLUMBUS STREET, not far from the 1st famous BUS SCENE from STAR TREK 4.....

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